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Are There Rock And Roll Cruises With Live Music?

The cruise industry is not just about the sun and sea. More recently, big names have recognized that there are many people who love the music scene just as much. There are now cruises dedicated to rock’n’roll music fans, complete with live shows from some of the best-known bands around. The following article takes a look at five of the top artists and provides a brief review of what you can expect on each cruise.

1) Monsters of Rock Cruise

The Monsters of Rock Cruise is a popular festival-style cruise featuring bands who were hugely successful in the 1980s and early 1990. It’s a chance for their many fans to enjoy live shows from some of the greatest rock bands ever on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. Imagine four out of five members from some of the most popular bands at one of the most sought-after live events of recent years on a ship with more than 4,000 passengers and you can see why this is so special.

2) Rock Legends Cruise

While this is not technically a rock and roll cruise, it has become part of the grouping because of its popularity among fans of classic rock music. Past guests on this particular cruise (which also features four-star accommodation). Don’t expect to find your room crowded with memorabilia from these fantastic artists. While rooms are full of classic pop culture items, there aren’t any photographs or other mementos in the cabins themselves due to safety issues.

3) Moodies Cruise

A totally different offering, this particular cruise is dedicated to fans of the Moody Blues. The band’s many hits are performed by tribute bands, which means that it appeals to an even younger audience. If you’re not familiar with the Moodies, their top songs include Nights in White Satin and Go Now. They were formed back in 1964 and are still making music today.

4) Carnival Live

The Carnival Live concept is relatively new, but it’s already becoming popular with fans of classic rock music. What makes this so unique is that there are different styles of music featured depending on the port of call. The Caribbean itinerary includes Latin American bands while the Mediterranean leg features classical musicians and opera singers. This cruise uses two ships that can carry 4,000 passengers each.

5) KISS Kruise

This is another festival-style cruise, but it features bands that are well-known for their live performances. They have various stages in different venues so fans have the opportunity to see their favorite stars up close throughout the duration of the cruise. This luxury liner also allows passengers to take in some spectacular views while they enjoy these fantastic shows.

There are other music-themed cruises on the market and each one is unique in its own way. The five featured here are those that have been garnering the most interest among fans of rock’n’roll, but you can expect to see many more as this particular niche becomes even more popular. If live shows from some of your favorite bands appeals to you but you’re not interested in a festival-style cruise, check out the various themed cruises and see what appeals to you. 🙂